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BULK - PRALINE ROASTED (panned)  Case Size 12kg


sesame honey almonds

ginseng almonds

maple almonds

almond crunch

butter almonds

praline almonds

cranberry almonds


honey cashews

sesame honey cashews

maple cashews

ginseng cashews


praline peanuts with red skin peanuts

praline peanuts with blanched peanuts

honey roasted peanuts

butter toasted  peanuts

praline royal mix

honey crunch

red praline peanuts

praline coated sweet & salty

praline sweet & salty nut mix

maple peanuts


butter pecans

praline pecans

rum pecans

maple pecans

butter pecan pieces

maple pecan pieces


honey soya

maple soya

coconut soya

cranberry soya

sesame soya


butter pistachios

honey pistachios


praline hazelnuts


maple walnuts

butter wanuts


caramel corn (traditional)                                   

maple caramel corn                                          

cashew caramel corn                                        

peanut caramel corn                                         

sea salt caramel corn                                        

double chocolate caramel corn            

apple pie caramel corn                                     

s’mores caramel corn                                       

cinnamon butter caramel corn             

all dressed caramel corn

bbq caramel corn

salt & vinegar caramel corn

sour cream & onion caramel corn

dill pickle caramel corn

red candy caramel corn

pumpkin caramel corn

coffee caramel corn

sodapop corn (cream soda)

soda pop corn(grape)

soda pop corn(orange)

soda pop corn(root beer)

cheese covered caramel corn


sriracha peanuts

garlic pistachios

salt & pepper pistachios

jalapeno pistachios

chili limon pistachio

agave nut clusters

cranberry nut & seed mix

sriracha nut mix

cocoa dusted almonds

coconut cashews


BULK SMORES - Case Size 10KG

smores mix

caramel corn smores mix

caramel corn pretzels smores mix

gourmet maple crunch

chocolate drizzle peanut caramel corn


BULK BRITTLES - Case Size 10kg

peanut brittle

cashew peanut brittle

maple peanut brittle

maple peanut pecan brittle

super supreme brittle

pumpkin seed cinnamon brittle

raspberry peanut brittle with dark & white chocolate

almond brittle

pecan brittle

almond cranberry brittle

coconut brittle

coffee brittle



candy apple sponge toffee

chocolate peanut butter toffee

chunky chocolate sponge toffee

chocolate peanut coffee toffee


                           Pure Maple Syrup Products

Pure maple syrup is an all-natural sweetener that is free of chemicals, additives, preservatives, and contains over 54 antioxidants.  Perfect!

We manufacture the nuts in two distinctive ways. Firstly we oven roast using pure maple syrup, and also pan roast using natural maple flavour. Both are available in Bulk and packaging.


                  Bulk                                             Bulk

        Panned with naural maple flavour                         Oven Roasted with Pure Maple syrup                                                                Maple Almonds 12kg                                                                            Maple Almonds 10kg

                                Maple Cashews 12kg                                                                             Maple Cashews 10kg

                                Maple Peanuts 12kg                                                                               Maple Walnuts 10kg

                                Maple Pecans 12kg                                                                                 Maple Pecans 10kg

                                Maple Walnuts 12kg

                                Maple Caramel Corn 10kg

                                Maple Peanut Brittle 10kg

            Packaging                                    Packaging

    Panned with Natural Maple Flavour                             Oven Roasted with Pure Maple syrup

                        Maple Almonds 80g bag                                                                                   Maple Almonds 80g

                        Maple Cashews 80g bag                                                                                    Maple Cashews 80g

                        Maple Peanuts 100gbag                                                                                     Maple Walnuts 80g

                        Maple Pecans 80g bag                                                                                        Maple Pecans 80g

                        Maple Walnuts 80g bag

                        Maple Caramel Corn 100g bag

                        Maple Peanut Brittle200g bag

 To request pricing for any product, please click the Contact Us tab and we'll be happy to answer any questions.