Gift Basket Supply


Gourmet Toffee


                                                     Almond Toffee 70g                 Pecan Toffee 70g                     Peanut Toffee 70g

Gourmet Caramel Corn


Vanilla Sensation 80g           Cookies & Cream 80g         Birthday Cake 70g              Maple Crunch 80g                 Traditional 50g



              Chocolate Almonds 120g      Chocolate Almonds 220g           Smores Mix 150g                 Chocolate Jubes 125g           Chocolate Jubes 220g


             Chocolate Raisins 120g      Chocolate Raisins 230g          Chocolate Cashews 120g          Chocolate Pretzels 50g               Whoppers 70g

Gourmet Nut Collection


                                              Honey Peanuts 100g                     Maple Cashews 100g                      Praline Peanuts 100g


                                     Sriracha Cranberry Nut Mix 80g               Cranberry Almonds 100g          Maple Syrup Cranberry Nut Mix 80g



                                          Cashew Brittle 180g                           Cinnamon Brittle 180g                           Peanut Brittle 180g


                                      Nut & Seed Brittle 180g                         Maple Brittle 180g                     Maple Peanut Pecan Brittle 180g

Made With Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

(Oven Roasted)


                                           Maple Syrup Pecan 70g        Maple Syrup Pumpkin Seeds 80g              Maple Syrup Walnuts 60g


                                                                Maple Syrup Almonds 90g                   Maple Syrup Cashews 90g

Wine Infused   (Made with Brown Sugar)


                     Parmesan Chili Cashew Pecan Mix 90g             Chocolate Liquor Nut Blend 90g           Maple Brown Sugar  Nut Medley 90g